About Us

For many years we gained experience in Service Management and Service Delivery Management. Whether on the side of a provider or as a customer. And it got - to be honest - boring. Could it be that this service management cosmos is all about ITIL processes, service meetings and service level agreements? NO, and again NO! Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Customer Satisfaction? New words for something that everything has to be clear about: The customer takes centre stage! And it doesn't matter whether they are internal or external customers. 

New ideas like Enterprise Service Management, new technologies like AI, integrations, automations and communication channels make it possible - also thanks to the cloud.

And this is our passion: We introduce efficient, powerful and intuitive services and solutions for small and large companies, which are also fun to work with. We don't forget the most important stakeholders: the people and the organizations behind them.

We are an official partner of Freshworks and also a member of the nWoW New World of Work cooperative (Switzerland). You too can benefit from the ecosystem, which extends beyond the borders of Switzerland.