Freshworks Promo #1

10% discount on selected Freshworks products!

Ready for something new?

  1. You select the product and for a non-binding trial period
  2. You will receive the accesses directly from Freshworks to the e-mail address you have provided.
  3. You use the trial period and test the product
  4. You decide on a paid plan of the product
  5. tribework will reimburse you the 10%, after settlement from Freshworks Inc. to tribework GmbH


Promotion only possible if registration is done via the links above.

No own domains can be used for the trial phase. The subdomain desired in the form is set up (example Freshservice: your After the trial phase you can of course use your own domain (example Freshservice:

It will last until 31 March 2020, which means that the trial phase must begin no later than 31 March 2020.

No. The trial phase is not binding. A contract only comes into existence if you decide on a paid plan after the trial phase.

You conclude the contract directly with the manufacturer, Freshworks Inc. (following the trial phase). tribework as a partner of Freshworks is responsible for the refund of the 10% discount.

You can choose between all plans and payment methods (monthly, yearly).

Die 10% Rabatt werden ab Beginn des kostenpflichtigen Plans bis 31. März 2020 rückvergütet. Anschliessend gelten die Listenpreise von Freshworks Inc. Bei grösseren Abnahmen unterstützen wir Sie bei Verhandlungen mit Freshworks Inc.

Unfortunately no, the promotion is only valid for new customers. Existing contracts cannot be considered.

As soon as Freshworks Inc. confirms the conclusion of the contract to us, we will contact you regarding your bank details for the refund of the discount. tribework GmbH will pay out the discount to you at the latest 3 months.

The currency as chosen when concluding the contract with Freshworks Inc. applies (USD or EUR).

Please note that tribework GmbH reserves the right to make any changes to the contractual and pricing structure or the functional scope of products that are not within the sphere of influence of tribework GmbH.

The following apply General terms and conditions from Freshworks Inc.

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